Prices & Rates

Proofreading prices, error checking, copy-editing/writing, web optimisation and document translation rates

Agencies and individuals tend to charge for these proofreading and/or translation services in various ways. We have outlined our typical prices by word, error/correction instance, page, document, web site, as appropriate. These are our baseline rates and some jobs are open to discount, surcharge, and/or negotiation depending upon complexity, quantity, size, and speed of delivery required.

CodePackageService (per 250 words/page)RateNotes
RReferencesLinks, names & references (per item)£2.00Per instance checked, apart from exceptions list
APre-pub FinalPre-publication final check (per page)£2.00Last chance for another set of eyes (+50p/correction)
BBeta-correctionSpelling, grammar, typos (per page)£7.50Capitalisation, punctuation, indentation, spaces etc…
CComprehensionLogic, sense, style, clarity (per page)£7.50Plain English, consistency, duplication etc…
DAll-inclusiveThorough correction from first draft (per page)£14.95Complete package including A,B,C & R at 50% off per instance
P2WPDF2WordPDF to Word document conversion (per page)10%Restore line breaks, electronic cleanup etc
HCHardCopyNon-electronic surcharge (per page)20%Hard copy printout that requires scanning
HWHandWrittenHandwritten surcharge (per page)30%Send copies not originals
FFastTurnaroundPremium rush surcharge <3 days (per page)50%Normal turnaround is 5-10 days
MPer mistakeZero cost per page, pay by errors found & corrected£2.00Can work out cheaper if you are sure of your copy
SPer suggestionZero cost per page, pay by improvements suggested£1.00Recommended and advisory changes, not errors
WCWeb page copyWeb page content authoring (SEO worth £15 included)£45.00Per page (up to 500 words)
CWCopy-writingGhost-authoring general non-fiction£75.00Per article, may vary according to length/circulation
TCWTechnical copyAs above but for technical subject matter£150.00Per article, may vary according to length/circulation
SEOPSearch OptimisationAnalysis, omissions and recommendations (per page)£15.00Optimisation of an individual page
SEOSSearch OptimisationAnalysis, omissions and recommendations (per 5 pages of site)£45.00Examines site in general including 5 main pages
MTMachine translationComputer Translation draft (uncorrected)£0.03Per word preserved layout automated drafts in 25+ languages
CATComputer Aided translationComputer Aided Translation superior draft (corrected)£0.07Per word superior drafts in 25+ languages
HTHuman TranslationMultilingual/bilingual human translator£0.10Per word high quality human translation in 25+ languages
HTTHuman Technical TranslationMultilingual/bilingual human technical translator£0.20Per word high quality technical translation in 25+ languages
MLPMultilingual ProofreadingOf Non-English or Translated material£20.00Per page (up to 250 words)