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Professional Pedants are (or should that be is?) a team of proofreading perfectionists and creative copyrighters copywriters.

Through both in-house and outsourced associated freelancers, we have colleagues with multilingual editing and translation skills in well over a dozen languages, graduate and postgraduate education, design and print experience, writing and editing, PR and marketing, and more talents besides.

Our multidisciplinary approach means we can spot errors and craft copy that aspires to and achieves a higher quality than content creation farms and casual correction checkers.

Style is Personal

Even grammar is not an exact science, it is more of an art, the art of letters. In fact it was once considered a glamourous magical mystery beyond the realms of mere mortals to fathom. There are grammatical and writing styles to choose from, multiple manuals of style (APA, Chicago, Oxford etc), so sometimes it is not about right or wrong, but a personal choice. That said, first removing the actual mistakes will allow readers of your copy to be more forgiving of your style choice.

Content is King

It was said 16 years ago by none other than Bill Gates that “Content is king” – but only if is clear, correct, coherent, and catchy, i.e., it has that “sticky factor” that keeps people perusing and potentially following your blog, reading your book, using your services, or buying your product. This applies to everything from restaurant menus, signage, flyers and leaflets, to articles, reports, briefings, press releases, books and PhDs.

Mistakes – whether commissions or omissions, not only distract from the purpose of something, but also detract from the professionalism of it. Social media is more likely to virally circulate your faults and failures than your successful enterprises.

We triple-check everything

Another set of eyes, alternate educational background, or different cultural and/or language perspective, can pick up a whole raft of type, print, visual or logical inaccuracies and inconsistencies, that the first (and/or second) reader may not have noticed.

Professional Pride

“We positively pride ourselves on being persnickety pedants, picking at everything, painstakingly precise and punctiliously point-perfect until it is of peerless quality and professional appearance.”

Passionate Pedants

We are word lovers, whether written, spoken, printed or projected, and we like to get it write, oops, right!

As good as our word

We are good at what we do. Not perfect, but professional and passionate. More to the point, we’ve proven results and popular copy. Just check out our hotly debated article on dispatch versus despatch, which is viewed nearly 2,000 times every month. We write copy that gets read. We can also correct and optimise your copy to get it read with search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing/optimisation (SMM/SMO).

Read more about our ethos and experience here.

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