Examples of Errors and Mistakes

Here we will upload examples of errors spotted and accept submissions of those noticed by members of the public. We currently have approaching 100 illustrations which we are editing as worked tutorials in error-spotting.

See if you can spot the mistake(s) in this website. (click the image to see it full size)

Earsham Hall typo

spot the mistake

4 thoughts on “Examples

  1. There’s a spelling mistake, a duplication, an apostrophe error, a wrong abbreviation, questionable lack of hyphenation (as noted in a later visitor comment) and then a couple of questions of writing style, word order and punctuation.

  2. I’d put a couple of hyphens in there too, i.e. hand-waxed, solid-pine. I can’t see the spelling mistake though (apart from the one in the image filename).

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